NoBrand Barbell Weightlifting

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As a true classic, this Training Bar is a perfect beginning bar. With its traditional chrome manufacturing, this bar is extremely versatile. Basically, this bar is applied from recreational lifting to Olympic weightlifting. For instance, it permits training with standard olympic weights so you can perfect your technique at the proper height. And we recommend it to those needing a piece of equipment to withstand the toll of day-to-day training.


  • Crafted with precision Q235 steel
  • Chrome Finish;
  • Also noteworthy is this bar’s high quality Classic Sleeve. It allows for smooth rotation around high-strength composite bushings;
  • Perfect for those wanting to work on form without the standard load of a full-size bar
  • Bar Length: 7’/ 86” / 2200MM
  • Diameter: 30MM
  • Bar Weight: 20KG / 44LB
  • Center Knurl: Yes
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