Forty Rig Deuce

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🇵🇹 Made in Portugal

We started this project during the quarantine, again due to the need to create something very useful to train, especially at home, as well with a fast production. Due to this pandemic we have to adapt and keep working out, either at the gym or at home gym. The rigs that we usually see at the home gyms, are either foldable to take up little space or are the same as those in the gyms and bigger for that space we need for the car.

Folding is a good option, but whenever we need to train, we have to do the assembly. So the idea was designed a Rig adjusted to the needs, we made a prototype, We REGISTER our own idea/design and the FORTY RIG by Deuce was born, it has a different style and only occupies 40cm of the wall.

The hooks support system was taken from the design of the motorcycle straps, that is, the wavy on the rig fits with the hooks and the pin makes the rest of the support, simple to assemble and effective.

Then we have a pull-up bar with a removable system to adjust the height we want, using the same hurricanes as the hooks. The first prototype was made in square tubes, but as it has too much workmanship, we developed a simple design, plus beautiful, easy to assemble and with less welded areas, making the pull-up bar even more solid to train.

Here is some specifications:
- Fast production
- Built in 8mm thick sheet metal.
- Hooks with 24mm base, designed for a smooth fit of the barbell.
- Wall distance 40 cm
- Width 1.20m
- Maximum height of the pull-ups bar 2.50 m
- Can be sold only the Rig or all set with pull-ups bar.
- 5 Custom colors available

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