Deuce Pull-up Bar

299,95 €  

IVA incluído

🇵🇹 Made in Portugal

The Deuce Pull-Up Bar was created and developed by us to reach a robust product, with a distinctive look than what exists on the market. It is entirely manufactured in Portugal/ Europe, Powder coating finish and TIG welded to maintain the solidity of the entire structure. It can also serve as a safe station for gymnastic rings. To make it simple  for the assembly in your spot, we already supply the pull-ups system with all the hardware needed for a good fixation.
By a pre-order we can custom a pull-up bar with 26,9mm tube diameter for women to get a better grip than CrossFit standard size.

Width 1.20m
Length 1.00m (distance from the bar to the wall)
Fixing base height 35cm
Tube diameter 33.7mm (CrossFit standard)
Womens option with 26,9mm tube diameter
Designed to wall mount
High quality steel
12mm drill to apply the hardware
Custom colors

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