Deuce Platform Weightlifting

608,85 €  

IVA incluído

You can quickly assemble the Deuce Platform for weightlifting at home, thanks to the design we made for it.
We made a laser-cut & precision-bent gussets for the corners with a slot where you can tight and adjust each side.
All the bolts and nuts are included. Deuce Platform is made with rubber tiles on the sides and a plywood in the center.


Made in Europe
Length: 1,50m
Width: 2,90m
Wood size: 900/1500mm, 18mm thick (birch plywood with laser etched Deuce Logo)
                 900/1500mm, 21mm thick (birch plywood)
Rubber tiles size: 2 x 1000/1000, 40mm thick
                          2 x 1000/500, 40mm thick
40x40 gauge steel frame (square section)
Laser cut and precision bent gussets
Bolt together design
Black Powder coated Finish

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