Deuce Hard Metal plates

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🇵🇹 Made in Portugal

*IMPORTANT: These plates are meant to be used strictly as a fitness accessory and should never be used as body armor.

Made in Portugal/ Europe
Sold as a pair
Weight Options Man: 20LB / 9KG (pair)
Weight Options Man: 15LB / 7KG (pair)
For use with Deuce and 5.11 Tac Vest and/or other comparable weighted vests in the industry
Ergonomic front and rear for superior fit, easier breathing as you train
Dimensions: Deuce front and rear (240mm wide x 310mm high)
                   5.11 or similar (256mm wide x 294mm high)
Black Powdercoat Finish for Man plates
Red Powdercoat Finish for Woman plates
Deuce branding

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